Traditional financing institutions have been slow to offer a suitable solution to Web3 businesses who face unique challenges in a new uncharted industry.

Problem: Web3 content creators, such as NFT artists, writers, musicians, digital creators and Web3 platform providers, often face cash flow challenges due to the nature of their work.

They may have irregular income streams or face delays in receiving payments from clients or platforms.

Traditional invoice or recurring revenue financing platforms don't fully understand the new world of Web3 yet and are hesitant to invest heavily to provide a market fit solution.

Web3 businesses are left with traditional structures that can be slow and inefficient, making it difficult for them to access the funding they need in a timely and discreet manner.

Traditional financing problems:

  • High costs

  • Lack of automation

  • No confidentiality

  • Increased possibility of fraud

  • Compliance restraints

  • No real-time tracking of invoices

  • Poor security

  • Lengthy approval process

Many Web3 businesses, from small to large, struggle with short-term liquidity, cash flow and working capital, hindering their ability to grow at a faster rate or meet their financial obligations.

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