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Size doesn’t matter - If your business has recurring revenues or outstanding invoices then Borroe is for you - The platform will match seller with buyer allowing simple direct access funding.

Web3 Gaming Platform

Company: XYZ Gaming, a Web3-based gaming platform that offers blockchain-based games with in-game purchases and subscriptions.

Challenge: XYZ Gaming needs to generate consistent cash flow to continue developing new games and features for its users. However, their revenue is often delayed due to payment processing times, currency conversions and transaction fees associated with blockchain-based payments.

Solution: XYZ Gaming decides to integrate Borroe to improve their cash flow. They partner with Borroe who specialise in blockchain revenue stream loans for Web3-based businesses. Borroe lists XYZ Gaming's requested amount based on historical recurring revenues from in-game purchases and subscriptions on their marketplace and the community fund them within 24hrs providing XYZ with immediate cash flow, minus a small fee.

Result: With the help of Borroe Finance, XYZ Gaming can continue to develop new games and features for their users without worrying about cash flow issues. The immediate funding provided by Borroe members allows them to reinvest in their business and grow their user base, ultimately increasing their revenue.

Additionally, Borroe provides XYZ Gaming with valuable analytics and insights into their customer payment behaviour and can help them identify any potential issues before they become a problem.

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Royalty Distribution Platform

A Web3-based music platform allows independent musicians to upload and distribute their music online. The platform offers a royalty payment system where artists earn a percentage of the revenue generated from streams and downloads of their music. However, the payment system operates on a delayed payment schedule, with artists receiving royalties up to 60 days after the end of each quarter.

To help smooth out their cash flow and address short-term funding needs, the music platform integrates Borroe. This provides artists with an option to receive an advance on their expected royalty payments, with Borroe paying them a percentage of the value of their future royalties upfront. In exchange, Borroe takes a fee and Borroe members receive repayment and profit from the final royalty payment.

For example, let's say an artist is expecting $100,000 in royalties for Q1. Instead of waiting 60 days to receive the payment, they can sell $90,000 of their expected royalties on the Borroe marketplace. This provides the artist with immediate cash flow to invest in their career, such as recording new music or funding a tour, while Borroe collects the full $100,000 from the music platform when the royalties are paid out. The process is fully automated and transparent thanks to distributed ledger technology.

This arrangement benefits the artist by providing them with a reliable source of short-term funding, while also providing Borroe members with a steady stream of income from the ongoing royalty payments.

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The Social Media Influencer

Carla is a social media influencer who has recently been offered a lucrative partnership with a popular clothing brand. The partnership involves creating content for the brand's social media channels, promoting their products, and driving traffic to their website. The brand has agreed to pay Carla a total of $100,000 for the partnership, to be paid in two instalments of $50,000 each, with the first payment due in 30 days and the second payment due in 60 days.

Carla is excited about the opportunity, but she needs the money to cover her living expenses and pay her bills in the meantime. She doesn't want to wait 30 or 60 days to receive the payments, so she decides to Borroe against this future income.

Carla registers with Borroe and goes through the onboarding process. The AI-powered risk assessment provides a rating and confirms maximum cash advance. The agreed amount and terms of the loan are tokenized and minted for publication on the Borroe marketplace.

Once funded, Carla can cover her living expenses and pay her bills while she works on the partnership with the clothing brand. When the clothing brand pays the invoice in 30/60days, Borroe automatically collects the payment and repays funders.

By using Borroe, Carla was able to access the funds she needed to cover her expenses and take advantage of a lucrative business opportunity without having to wait for the payments from the clothing brand.

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Decentralized Storage Network

ABC Bandwidth, a decentralized storage network provider uses a blockchain-based platform to offer storage services to its clients. The provider generates a substantial amount of revenue every month from its clients, but the revenue stream is often unpredictable due to varying usage patterns.

To address this issue, the provider integrates Borroe. A funding amount is requested and listed on the Borroe marketplace based on historical recurring revenue and funded by Borroe's global buyer base, providing ABC Bandwidth with immediate cash. In exchange, Borroe receives usage fees from clients to repay funders.

As a result of the partnership, the decentralized storage network provider gains predictable cash flow, which allows it to invest in growth opportunities, such as expanding its storage capacity and marketing its services to new clients.

Decentralized Application (dApp) Platform

Freelance Network is a decentralized platform for freelancers to find work and get paid in cryptocurrency. The platform charges a fee for every transaction that takes place on its platform. However, the platform faces a cash flow issue as it must wait for freelancers to complete their work and for clients to pay their invoices in cryptocurrency.

To solve this issue, the dApp can Borroe immediate cash against its outstanding invoices. Freelance Network can list its outstanding invoices on the Borroe marketplace at a discount, receiving cash upfront instead of having to wait for clients to pay.

This would help Freelance Network to bridge the cash flow gap and free up its working capital to invest in other areas of the business, such as marketing, product development, or hiring new talent.

This would enable the dApp to grow and scale more quickly, providing more opportunities for freelancers to find work and get paid on the platform.

Content creators

Web3 content creators such as bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers often rely on sponsorships and ad revenue to generate income. However, the payment terms for these sponsorships and ads can be unpredictable and slow, causing cash flow issues for the creators.

By using Borroe, these content creators can receive cash advances on their unpaid invoices from sponsors and advertisers. This allows them to receive payment upfront and improve their cash flow, without having to wait for the sponsors and advertisers to pay on their own terms.

Borroe collects the payments directly from the sponsor/advertiser or through sellers bank account, while the content creator receives immediate funding to support their business needs.

In the Web3 ecosystem, where transactions are often made using cryptocurrency, Borroe can also provide a solution to convert cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa.

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