The Borroe marketplace welcomes a wide range of Web3 businesses with reliable recurring revenues, including but not limited to subscription-based content services, royalty distribution platforms, Web3 gaming platforms, and decentralized advertising and marketing platforms.

These businesses can easily register on the marketplace to access upfront cash flow to fund operations and growth.

Benefits to sellers:

  • Revenue stream loans to buy stock, upgrade equipment, marketing, acquisitions or any other immediate business needs

  • Apply on the platform in 5 minutes

  • Application for funding approved within 1 hour

  • Borrow from 30 days to 12 months

  • Get cash as needed and improve cash flow

  • Less paperwork

  • Analytics and business insight

  • Sell large or small invoices and receivables

  • Seller details can remain confidential to all outside the Borroe ecosystem throughout process

  • Sell and repayment rewards

  • Simple fee and repayment structure

  • Automated process

  • Streamlined approval process

  • High security

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