Buyers can purchase recurring revenue and unpaid invoices from brands they already know and use, becoming an integral part of that company's development and a driver of the Web3 space in general.

In return, buyers receive confirmation of the payback date and amount from the outset. Once a loan is repaid, buyers can keep their expired NFTs, which serve as the owners digital keys to access brand loyalty programmes, corporate events and other benefits.

Benefits to buyer:

  • Low risk - fully vetted businesses, revenues and invoices

  • Stable and consistent returns from recurring revenue businesses

  • Low entry and investment amounts

  • Multiple and diverse revenue streams to strengthen portfolios

  • Track performance and receive real time metrics

  • Filter sellers and funding applications based on AI credit rating score, business financial track record, industry, ESG metrics and more

  • Set investment risk profile

  • High security

  • Shariah compliant with interest avoided in all offerings

  • Auto pilot funding available (set your criteria and let the automated system take over)

  • Privacy and anonymity features

  • Marketplace buy rewards

  • Recognition and awards incl Funder of The Year Awards

  • Social media share2earn scheme

  • Premium features like advanced analytics and priority customer support

  • Simple fee structure

  • On- and off-ramp crypto and fiat payment solutions

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